Regatta travel and parking

Road access, Parking and Location

One Way system

There are two main routes into Swanage via Wareham/Corfe Castle and from Bournemouth/Studland (over the chain ferry). It is recommended boat trailers go via Corfe Castle, please be aware there is a tight bend in Corfe Castle village.

We have arranged for Shore Rd, along the seafront, to be closed for the event, so we can create a one way system and parking area for all the boat trailers with towing vehicles and boat carrying vehicles. Other vehicles will need to park in the Main car park, just a short walk away.

The map shows all boat trailers/vehicles will need to go to the north end of Shore Rd, where there will be barriers and marshals. It is a condition of the road closure licence that all vehicles will then be required to proceed with hazard lights flashing, maximum speed 5mph, with a marshal on foot escorting ahead of the vehicles – we will appreciate your patience.

Vehicles will be escorted to the parking area, on the landward side of Shore Rd, stacking back from the the junction with Victoria Ave. The entrance to Walrond Rd must not be blocked for emergency vehicle access.


Once all the trailers have arrived the Shore Rd will be closed for the whole day to all vehicles except the council waste collection, a few local business owners and emergency vehicles.

You will be able to unload your boats into the road – please rig all boats by the trailers.

You will then transport all the boats, on launching trolleys, on the road, a short distance down to the area south of Banjo Pier. The barrier at the north end of this section will be unlocked during the day.

Please bring your own launching trolleys: the Coastal Barbarians will also have a few extra trolleys available if you don’t have one.

Boats on the beach

We will allocate an area on the beach for each club and the hire boats, filling the beach from the southern end. Please put boats at right angles to the road.

After you have finished using your boats they can be taken back to the trailers.

During recent storms some of the sand has been washed away, leaving some patches on stones – it may well return. We will advise further on the beach condition, but it might be worth bring a few old tyres/foam blocks on which to rest the boats. The drop from the road to the beach is currently about 1 foot – see image (taken after a spring high tide).


Race Control (registration, results, storage, etc) will be managed from Hut 33 (blue door) and first aid (St John’s Ambulance) Hut 32 (Green door) – ‘C’ on the diagram, near the boats.

Regatta ‘gazebos’

Just to the south of where the boats will be on the beach, there will be a row of gazebos with race information, catering (many thanks to Swanage Sea Rowing Club), the Adventurers Drinks Co  (if you want to sample some Rowers Gin or Rowers Pale Ale), and some space for some club gazebos – so please feel free to bring a gazebo, especially if you need to protect yourself from the Swanage sunshine (or April wind and rain).

There is a toilet block a few metres from the gazebos, numerous drinking water fountains, plus you will be only a short distance from the town with a wide range of cafes, shops, pubs, etc.

Waste management

Along Shore Rd there are numerous council bins for general rubbish. In addition we will be putting out a number of ‘blue’ bins (guess they should be green) which will be for general recycling. Please do use the bins available so we can help Swanage Town Council fulfil their ‘green’ ambitions.

The caters will not be using singe use plastic. If you can bring your own water bottles, thermal mugs, that would be great.


If you have any questions please email [email protected] or [email protected]