Regatta course

Swanage Regatta Courses – 4km and 6km



All clubs will be allocated an area on Swanage beach for their boats from which they will launch. Extreme care must be taken when launching to avoid collisions around the launching area.

After launching from the beach, please go to the warm up area (yellow area), before moving to the start line.  You will be competing on either the 4km or 6km course around Swanage Bay, as shown on the map.

In each race the quads will start first, followed 3 minutes later by the doubles, followed 3 minutes later by the singles.

All crews will head straight away from the beach and follow the same course up until the 4th buoy, where the courses will split.

The final stretch up to the finish line will require those doing the 4km and 6km to keep apart as shown.

The finish line will be off Banjo Pier.

All crews will then return to their area of the beach to change crews for the following race. Extreme care must be taken to avoid collisions on and around the landing area.


Please see the Schedule