Regatta schedule

Coastal Barbarians RC CIC  – Swanage Regatta Schedule

Saturday April 27th 2024

07.00 Barriers open to allow boat trailers and boat carrying vehicles access to the trailer parking area on Shore Rd (Please go to Travel and Parking)

08.30  Briefing – welcome, course details, schedule, safety, notices

09.00  Crews for Race 1 can start to launch and go to warm up area.

For rules please go to regatta-rules


Race schedule:

In each of the following races there will be 3 minutes between each class.

Race distances are also shown for each class.

We reserve the right to change the schedule, race times and length if conditions so dictate.

09.30  RACE 1:

All W4X (Senior 6km, 50+ 6km, 60+ 6km)

All O2X (Senior 6km, 50+ 4km, 60+ 4km)

All Masters O1X (50+ 4km, 60+ 4km)

n.b. Masters age as on April 13th 2024 for all members of the crew.

10.30  RACE 2:

All O4X (Senior 6km, 50+ 6km, 60+ 6km)

All W2X (Senior 6km, 50+ 4km, 60+ 4km)

All Masters W1X (50+ 4km, 60+ 4km)

11.30  RACE 3: 

Novice 4X 4km – (O, W or Mix)


n.b. All quads must have an experienced coastal rowing cox.


13.30  RACE 4:

Masters Mix4X (50+ 6km, 60+ 6km)

Mix2X 6km

O1X 6km

14.30  RACE 5:

Mix4X 6km

Mixed and Mixed ability 4X 6km  – MOVED FROM RACE 3 TO RACE 5

Masters Mix2X (50+ 4km, 60+ 4km)

W1X 6km


Post racing:

Load boat trailers, clear beach

16.30 Medal ceremony

If required, take boat trailers to overnight parking at Studland, ready for rowing on Sunday.

Evening: “Refreshments” in Swanage


Download schedule here: Swanage Regatta Schedule