Regatta rules

Coastal Rowing League Rules 2024

The Coastal Rowing League will generally follow the World Rowing Rules (Appendix F) but with the following amendments. These are to suit the League so that as always, every regatta is friendly, fair & competitive.

The League Member Clubs are Coastal Barbarians RC CIC, Carrick RC, Dolphin RC, Exmouth RC, Mayflower ORC, Teign Scullers & Torquay RC.


1. League Categories for racing.

a) Womens – Open to any female of any sculling status.
b) Open – Open to anyone of any sculling status.
c) Mixed Masters – All crew except coxswains must be 50 (60) years of age at the start of the regatta season (1st regatta). 50% of the crew are to be female except for single sculls. Other combinations of gender will be allowed to race.
d) Mixed – Open to any age & sculling status. 50% of the crew to be female.

1.1 There are currently 24 categories,

Womens 4x+ – W Mas 4x+ (+50) – W Mas 4x+ (+60)
Womens 1x – W 2x
Womens Mas 1x (+50) – W Mas 1x (+60)
Womens Mas 2x (+50) – W Mas 2x (+60)
Open 4x+ – O Mas 4x+ (+50) – O Mas 4x+ (+60)
Open 1x – O 2x
Open Mas 1x (+50) – O Mas 1x (+60)
Open Mas 2x (+50) – O Mas 2x (+60)
Mixed Masters 4x+ (+50) – Mix Mas 4x+ (+60)
Mixed 4x+
Mix 2x – Mix Mas 2x (+50) – Mix Mas 2x (+60)
Clubs/Individuals must use one of these categories when entering crews/individuals to the hosting Club.

1.2. No timed races within in a category

If an individual or crew row outside their allocated race, their time cannot be compared to other individuals or crews rowing in their correct allocated race. No points will be scored by that individual or crew.

2. 2024 Race Format

Race 1
W 4x+ (all age groups)
O 2x (all age groups)
O 1x Mas (+50 & +60)

Race 2
O 4x+ (all age groups)
W 2x (all age groups)
W 1x Mas (+50 & +60)

Race 3
This is an new race – we aim to include races for  Novices, Junior and Mixed Ability – each regatta committee will decide on which races to include.

Race 4
Mix 4x+Mas (+50 & +60)
Mix 2x
O 1x

Race 5
Mix 4x+
Mix 2x Mas (+50 & +60)
W 1x

Also, an option within the 3rd race – 1 category can be moved or split by age group to help the host club include more crews. Flexibility to be given to the host club if categories are over subscribed. Use of the 3rd race is recommended.

Quads & doubles to be club boats, e.g. A, B, C etc, Singles to be named e.g., Smith but will be recognised as club boats for the overall points scoring.

3. Types of boats
To qualify for league status, boats must be of World Rowing Regulation for coastal rowing.

Each race category can consist of any of the following boats.
a) Coxes quadruple sculling – 10.7 m long max, 1.3 m wide min, 130 kg min.
b) Double sculling – 7.5 m long max, 1.0 m wide min, 60 kg min.
c) Single sculling – 6.0 m long max, 0.75 m wide min, 35 kg min.

4. Regattas.

All Member Clubs will run a max of 2 Regattas per season in the Spring/Summer & in the Autumn/Winter.
There will be an extra league regatta held at the Dartmouth Royal Regatta.
For the 2024 season, a maximum of 9 regattas to be held. 2 clubs to hold 2 regattas each,
the remaining 4 clubs to hold 1 regatta each. The 9th regatta is the Dartmouth Royal Regatta.

In subsequent years 2 different clubs to hold 2 regattas.
In 2024 – Teign Scullers & Torquay RC to hold 2 regattas.
Seat fees for the 2024 season will be £8.50 per rower. 50p from each seat fee to be pooled & used for trophies & pennants. (Rowers can row in multiple races)
All individuals & other rowing Clubs are welcome to race at our Regattas.

4.1. Length of races.

The Womens & Open quad races will be rowed over a max 8K course.
The Mixed Masters, Mixed, Doubles & Singles races will be rowed over a course no longer than 6K & no shorter than 4K.

5. Allocation of points for each league category for quads, doubles & singles.

1st place will receive 6 pts.
2nd place will receive 5 pts.
3rd place will receive 4 pts.
4th place will receive 3 pts.
5th place will receive 2 pts.
6th place will receive 1 pt.

6. Individual League Trophy Winners.

The individual league trophy winners will be the crew that accumulates the most points in each league at the end of the last race of the Autumn/Winter series.

6.1. If 2 or more Clubs have the same points tally in any category.

a) The Club with the most wins over the season will receive the trophy, if still equal,
b) The Club who attended the most regattas will receive the trophy, if still equal,
c) The trophy will be shared.

7. Gill Mannings Cox Trophy. (GMC)

The Trophy for the most successful Club of the season will be calculated as follows:

The top 3 positions in each of the categories will score the following points if there are 3 or more boats in category.

1st place scores 3 pts.
2nd place scores 2 pts.
3rd place scores 1pt.

If there are only 2 boats in the category – 1st – 2pts, 2nd – 1pt
If there is only 1 boat in a category – 1st – 1pt

7.1 To qualify for the overall GMC trophy

Club quads & doubles must attend at least 4 regattas within that category & singles must attend at least 3 regattas within that category.

7.2. The Hilary Bastone Trophy

To be awarded to the Open single sculler & Womens single sculler. (6 months each)
The Club with the most points will receive the GMC Trophy.

Rules regarding racing.

8. Clubs with more than one boat in a race must identify A/B/C etc crews before a race.
All boats to have distinguishable numbers/names on their bow on both sides.
All boats to carry flotation jackets, be fitted with a tow line & carry a working VHF radio as the start will be given over the radio along with flag & horn.
Clubs must enter crews to the host club by the stated date selected by the host club.
Entries after this date or on the day are to be at the discretion of the host club but must be done before or at registration. No new entries will be allowed after this time.

9. The start procedure,

The start procedure will be:

5-minute warning of race start over the radio, all crews to be at the starting area
3-minute warning – Radio & 3 short blasts from a horn.
2-minute warning – Radio & 2 short blasts from a horn.
1-minute warning – Radio & 1 short blast from a horn & flag lifted.
10 second countdown.
START – Radio, Go, Go, Go, 1 long blast from a horn & flag dropped.

10. False start. NEW RULE FOR 2024

A 2-minute penalty will be given to any crew that crosses the start line before the start. Umpires to warn offending crews in the final 30 seconds of the countdown.
In the event of a mass false start the umpire may decide to stop the race & begin the start procedure again or allow the race to continue. This will be communicated over the radio & repeated short blasts on the horn if the race is to be restarted.

11. Missed buoy turns/wrong side

The Umpire will instruct the crew to go back around the correct side of the buoy.
If the offending crew ignores the Umpire they could be disqualified.

12. Overtaking / overtaking at buoys.

Generally following World Rowing Rules, Appendix F, Offshore Rowing Competition Rules,
14-15 to 14-20.
All boats to always avoid collisions. When rounding a buoy/marker the boat on the outside line of the buoy/marker must give enough space for boats on the inside line to turn without collision.

All boats must follow instructions from the Umpire. Boats ignoring these instructions could be disqualified.

13. Adjudicating protest Committee.

Each Club shall nominate 1 person at every Regatta to adjudicate on any rule infringement. That Committee & the Umpire will talk & decide on any rule infringement. Their decision is final.

13.1. Any crew/coxswain can approach this Committee & report a rule infringement directly upon coming ashore. They must abide by the Committees decision.

14. Rowers to select 1 club to row for at the start of the season. They can only score league points for that club.
Composite crews will be allowed but they will not score league points.
League Committee to monitor this rule & make ruling on any infringements.

15. Administration of the League, website & Facebook group page will be jointly done by all Member Clubs.

Please find link to a copy of the Coastal Rowing League rules

Coastal Rowing League Rules 2024